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Window Maker Live review

Window Maker Live, as called by its developers, Window Manager for X’, i.e., window manager for X window system (a GUI implementation used in Unix systems). Window Maker has pre-built ISOs (Linux distros) using Xfce desktop environment which are highly light-weight on resource usage and have super-fast speed. It’s most suitable to install on pen drive and use it as portable app as its small in size and has a nice collection of apps for almost every purpose.

Fedora – powered with Security Enhanced Linux

Fedora is a Linux-based operating system sponsored by RedHat Inc. and maintained by worldwide community known as Fedora Project . Fedora is the third most-used Linux operating system after Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Fedora is the most-used RPM-based Linux distro. Fedora Project comprises of people who love, share and build free software. Fedora is the base operating system for business standard RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Fedora community goal to empower others to pursue their vision of what a free operating system should be.

Debian Stable – robust and solid operating system

Debian is the GNU/Linux operating system developed by Debian Project’ community. Debian is 5th/6th most-used Linux operating system in the world. More interesting fact about Debian is the no. of distros based on it – there are around 41 distros based directly on it and around 100 distros that are indirectly based on Debian GNU/Linux operating system (Indirectly means they are based on a distro, which itself is based on Debian). Debian uses Linux as its kernel and took other important tools from GNU Project.