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Solus OS RC2 review – Sleek & classy design

Solus OS team released Solus OS RC2 a week before. Last time, when I tested Solus OS Dev#32 some days before, then I found many bugs in it. I reported them to its team and they encouragingly said to improve the distro and remove the bugs in its coming releases. I appreciate their hard work. In so less time, they have done far from expected. In this release, RC2, they introduced new classy look and made numerous improvements in their going-to-be-useful Linux distribution.

Solus OS – modern and robust desktop operating system

Solus OS is a modern and robust operating system build on Debian Stable. It is built on the top of Linux kernel. Solus OS is under heavy development at time (2012). Solus OS support all of your vast computing needs and you can enjoy all the comforts of modern desktop Linux operating system. It is very lightweight and its default desktop (with no running apps) uses around 170-200 MB of RAM. This makes it very fast and responsive when using it.

Solus OS Dev#32 review – experience Ubuntu old look

Solus OS is a desktop operating system based on Debian Stable . At present, Solus OS is under heavy development for the greater good. It uses GNOME 2.3 for graphical user interface with two panels. Due to GNOME 2.3, it looks quite-a-like Ubuntu earlier versions like Ubuntu 8.04, which had two panels and GNOME menu at most left part of top panel. It’s a surprising Linux for people who loved Ubuntu GNOME interface of previous releases. Its developers confirm that it has nothing to do with Ubuntu, though it looks like its old versions.