Solus OS – modern and robust desktop operating system

Solus OS is a modern and robust operating system build on Debian Stable. It is built on the top of Linux kernel. Solus OS is under heavy development at time (2012). Solus OS support all of your vast computing needs and you can enjoy all the comforts of modern desktop Linux operating system. It is very lightweight and its default desktop (with no running apps) uses around 170-200 MB of RAM. This makes it very fast and responsive when using it.

Based On: Debian Stable

Developer: Ikey Doherty with the help of forum members

Project start year: 2012

OS Purpose: General computing


User community:

Automatic boot support: Yes

Default Language: English

Live boot version: Available

Default Desktop Environment(s): GNOME

Software package management: Advanced Package Tool (APT) using DEB packages

Download options: HTTP/FTP



Pros: Lightweight operating system, Out-of-the-box support

Cons: Presently (2012) in development

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